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iProtocol Token Airdrop, claim it before it ends… it’s free!

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to claim your Free 500 IPN tokens on the iProtocol Network Airdrop



iProtocol Network Airdrop is worth 500 IPN tokens (~$ 12.5) for the first 15,000 participants. 

About iProtocol Network

iProtocol Network is a decentralised Blockchain based one stop web, mobile and desktop application system for the general users worldwide. It’s an online or offline (synchronizable) application suit that covers you, your documents, business, staffs, dealings and payments – as of, if there is no internet connection every data will be save to device database system and will be stored again after getting back to online within decentralised server. iProtocol Network creates an individual Operating System that is assembled with Blockchain program, server-side program and Open source program. The system collaborates a complete Web system, Applications and Blockchain with the scope of lacking and possibilities by the recommendation of the existing and next users due to individual private, business or industrial need.

Quick Step-by-Step Guide for the iProtocol Network Airdrop:

  1. Register for the iProtocol Network Airdrop, by creating an account.
  2. Verify your mail. Note: the verification mail might land in your spam.
  3. Join iProtocol Network on Telegram.
  4. Like/follow iProtocol Network on Facebook.
  5. Follow iProtocol Network on Twitter.
  6. Submit your details to the airdrop formNote: submit the same name you’ve used to sign up on the site to the airdrop form.
  7. 500 IPN tokens will be added to your dashboard within 72 hours. You need to complete KYC to unlock your tokens, which can be done till 26th of July.
  8. Share your referral link to earn 100 IPN Tokens per referral, with a maximum of 50 referrals. You can find your referral link in your dashboard of iProtocol Network.

thats it… 500 IPN on your way!

Note: this airdrop is only for new participants, if you have participated in the previous round, you are only eligible to participate in the referral campaign of this round.



iProtocol Airdrop