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Verasity ($VRA) could be on point for a move…

The reason I’m adding this to my Portfolio today, is a basic case of risk/potencial math



Been following this micro-cap gem since they announced listing on Binance DEX a while back… The last big run was prior to that announcement, so a classic case of “buy the rumor, sell the news”… Anyway, the reason I’m adding this to my Portfolio today, is a basic case of risk/potencial math (despite loving their white paper and the overall potential of it’s project). 

Verasity (VRAETH) on Hitbtc

VRA is standing on it’s ascending support, and it’s reacting… not with much  volume , but still reacting. I’m taking in consideration that the last move was a breakout of the prior  bearish pattern , so the current down move is a just a (huge) consolidation process. So, if we’re technically on the beginning of a potential bull trend, this could be a golden opportunity of buying VRA low, with a no-brainer risk/reward ratio. 

I’m looking to 0.000004 as a breakout confirmation, and probably a good zone for some profit taking, and I’m considering the 0.000010 as the main target of another bull run. This pattern would lose it’s logic if a new low is made. 

– Buy small % of portfolio for mid-term with main target near 0.000010, exit the plan if new low is printed, take some profit out near 0.000004 to ride the rest risk free.

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