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LEND is ready for a BIG MOVE very soon

Get ready for another +250% run at any moment, this Token is set for a major run.



In the last 3 months, Aave has been drawing a perfect “text-book” round bottom setup,  volume has been above average with several significant spikes. Recent price action (consolidating the recent rally) suggests an imminent breakout with the follow up move, something like +150% to 250% above the recent highs.  

LEND/BTC – Binance

The beauty about this tech setup, is that would be only the initial phase of larger move, given that this would confirm the initiation of a Bullmarket. This scenario is compatible with an upcoming Alt-Season, and sector fundamentals corroborate this idea (Look at other charts, like RCN for example, different pattern same conclusion). 

LEND is still a very small micro-cap, but highly successful, recent developments are mostly ahead of schedule, some interesting news (like the deflationary feature) will only add-up to a long list of buy points. 

Strategy: Buy and Hold for long term. Take some profits if LEND reaches +150%/+250% above current prices and ride the rest during a probable alt season.

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